Solutions and Services

Water Coolers

The best water is purified of all contaminants and is supplemented with minerals not received in an ordinary diet. Clean and hygienic water plays a significant role in human health. It’s recommended for a human to take eight glasses of water per day, this keeps the body healthy and refreshed. However, the kind of water we drink determines how healthy we are. In most cases, tap water is exposed to dirt and bacteria, which contributes to a large percentage of the illness today.

Our Water Coolers ensure fresh, clean water for your workplace, public space, or even at home. We offer safe and purified drinking water and provide the option to rent or own our water coolers, with a preference of either cold or hot tab options. Easton Water Solutions also guarantees the lowest water prices in the area.

Water Softeners

A water’s hardness or softness is due to mineral concentration, particularly calcium and magnesium. The lower the mineral concentration, the softer the water which leads to healthier, softer skin, shiny, strong hair, and softer, cleaner clothes. In hard water, your pores are clogged with soap scum and when this scum is clogging your pores, your natural oils are not able to come out. Showering or washing in soft water cleans your pores out and releases your natural oils.

When you use soft water, you don’t need to use as much dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, or other soaps. Soft water also lengthens the span of some appliances and reduces or prevents mineral spots on glassware and soap films in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines.

Easton Water offers all shapes and sizes and provides twin tanks and single tanks. We also carry a lifetime warranty on all parts. Our water softeners are 70% more efficient, and the units are built on-site to your water specs.

Drinking Water Systems (Reverse Osmosis)

Our drinking water systems (reverse osmosis) will produce 50 gallons of drinking water per day, are easy to maintain, and are 60% less cost than the industry average. We offer a lifetime warranty for the entire system besides the filters. The system also runs to the refrigerator ice maker for crystal clear ice. The reverse osmosis system is great for coffee, juices, teas, ice cubes, humidifiers, fish tanks, baby formulas, house plants, washing fruits and vegetables, and much more!

Pool Solutions

We offer a wide selection of pool chemicals. If you don’t see what you need below, let us know and we can get it. Easton Water Solutions also provides free pool water testing, so that we can assure you get exactly what you need to optimize your pool water.

  • Chlorine, Phosphate, Bromine, and Salt Test Strips
  • NLiquid Chlorine (12.5%)
  • 1″ & 3″ Chlorine Tablets
  • Quick Dissolve Pool Salt
  • Dy-Chlor Granulated
  • Pool Frog Bac Pac
  • Pool Frog Mineral System
  • Pool Stabilizer
  • Muriatic Acid (20 Degree Baumee / 31.5%)
  • pH Increaser & Decreaser
  • Alkalinity Increaser
  • Algaecide 60 & Algaezone Plus w/ Copper
  • Yellow Out Algaecide
  • Super Flocculant
  • Chitosan Clarifier
  • Phosphate Remover
  • Diatomite Filter Media
  • Pool Sand
  • Filter Cleaner & Degreaser


Easton Water Solutions offers a variety of salt products, delivered to your business or residence. Which type of salt is best for you? We offer salt for many reasons, allowing us to find the best water solution specific to you. Salts are formulated for various benefits, such as: preventing rust stains, reducing rust build-up, keeping softeners clean and trouble-free, deicing, and many more. Need help deciding what’s right for you? Give us a call today.

  • Pro’s Pick Red-Out Dura-Cube
  • Pro’s Pick Dura-Cube
  • Tru-Soft Solar Crystals
  • Tru-Soft Evaporated Water Softener Salt Pellets
  • Tru-Soft Evaporated Water Softener Salt Pellets with Rust Inhibitor
  • Melt Away Halite Salt Deicing