Our Testimonials

"I am an Easton Water Solutions customer for many reasons…first, I really need the delivery service they provide. Every month, they’re at my home so I never need to worry about running low on salt. Secondly, I know I can trust the nice people at Easton to come into my home, carry the salt down the basement steps and put it in the tank. Trust is an issue with me, and I definitely trust the folks at Easton."
- Rita Holloway

"Living in the country as I do requires some special considerations…like how to make my well water into the good tasting water I want, that’s soft enough for a bubble bath and that washes my clothes clean. I want water that doesn’t have an odor or have rust. So I turned to the nice people at Easton Water Solutions. Now I have great water for any reason."
- Trayc Petty

"I am an Easton Water Solutions customer because when I needed a new water conditioner, Easton was the company that knew just what I needed and worked within my budget. Now I have great tasting water right at my tap. No more lugging cases of bottled water home. I know Easton gave me the best price because I shopped around. You can’t beat the price or the value!"
- Brenden Bolt

"I have a Kinetico water conditioner that was not working well-sometimes the water was soft and the next hard. When I contacted Easton Water Solutions, they provided me some advice to try, which I did but with no success. After calling them back, a service man came and took the control to their office. After servicing the control and replacing the unit, I have not had a problem since, which has now been over 2 weeks. I am very pleased with the quick and friendly service by Easton Water Solutions."
- Carl Newcomer