Our Team

Wes - Owner

Although wildly successful working for a well known national water treatment company, Wes Easton eventually became dismayed and took the bold step of starting his own company in 2006. Wes' experience in the water treatment industry is unparalleled, and he is truly an expert in the field. He is happily married to April, is father to three children, a one-eyed cat and a rescued Great Dane named Annabelle. He is a staunch proponent of Bellefontaine and Logan County, enjoys setting and achieving goals, being active with his kids, likes driving anything with a motor, and feigns being Bob Villa.

Brenda - Office Manager

Brenda grew up being called "Pumpkin" by her grandmother, and has been called "Mom" by Wes Easton for more than 40 years. She has been with Easton Water Solutions since day #1 and facilitates the daily operation of the business. She's been married to Tim since 1971, is the mother of three boys, is proud of her five grandchildren, and has lived life in the fast lane driving a bright orange, convertible, '70 Plymouth Road Runner. In her free time she enjoys reading and singing in the choir.

Megan - Service & Route Coordinator

Megan joined Easton Water Solutions in 2015 and handles the complicated jobs of designing delivery routes, scheduling service calls and billing our more complicated installation jobs. Close friends call her Migsy, and one of the least favorite things she's done was work the snack bar at a local ski slope. She's fond of Jeeps, likes to bowl, golf and has a taste for Tito's vodka. She and her husband watch after two kids and two cats.


Luke - Sales Consultant

After finding he was not cut out for factory work, Luke discovered a passion for providing solutions to people's problematic water. He has over 20 years experience in the water treatment industry, and joined Easton Water Solutions in 2007. He and his wife have three children ages 22, 12 and 5, a dog named powder, an occasional cow, and are always looking to give away black kittens. Luke's favorite ride is an Acura SUV, and has been coaching youth football and baseball since 2001.

Wayne - Parts & Assembly Manager

An indispensable member of the team, Wayne ensures that all of the pieces and parts that are required to repair and assemble water softeners, filters and the like are organized and easily found. He has over 33 years of experience in the water treatment industry, and joined Easton Water Solutions in 2014. He loves dogs (has four of them), Fords and landscaping his property.

Julie - Sales Consultant

After a successful 27 year career with Tupperware, Julie was seeking new and rewarding opportunities. Now known to many as, "The Water Lady" she is our #1 fan of reverse osmosis drinking water systems, joined Easton Water Solutions in 2008, and has more than 14 years of industry experience. Her husband is Tom, they have three grown children, nine grandchildren, two dogs and a kitty. Julie enjoys reading, playing piano, is active in her church and seeks out Christian concerts and events.

Gretchen - Administrative Assistant

Arriving at Easton Water Solutions in 2014, Gretchen works on A/P and A/R projects, organization of business records and keeping the general filing in impeccable order. Friends call her Gretch, and she is one of the lucky people who report loving every job she's ever had! She has two grown children, six grandchildren and a cat. She has a secret Sloppy Joe recipe, loves her Town & Country van, reading and bingo, but she's crazy about Elvis...

Jacob - Warehouse & Inventory Manager

"Jake the Snake" joined Easton Water Solutions in 2015 to work in our drive thru. While he can still be found attending to that station, he now also tracks inventory, manages the warehouse, orders parts/supplies and assists our service technicians with complicated installation projects. He misses his red Chevy 1500 stepside, and is interested in firearms, edged weapons, woodworking and soccer.

Brendan - Route Delivery

Between a stint living in Florida, and perhaps elsewhere, Brendan has been with Easton Water Solutions for over six years. You can call him BJ or Beachnut, and he has a daughter named Annabelle. He has fond memories of his 1970 Monte Carlo and enjoys golf and boating on his days off.

Trent - Service Technician

Known to some as, "Spanky" Trent has been with Easton Water Solutions for more than six years. If you have installation of equipment scheduled in your home or business, you are likely to have a great experience with Trent! He cares for five children, is fond of Chevy trucks, racing, football and really likes chopping firewood.

Bill - Service Technician

Affectionately referred to as, "Squirrel" around the office, Bill is dedicated to solving the most difficult problems our customers bring to us. He has known Wes Easton for over 25 years, has two children and loves dogs and cats. You will recognize Bill's Jeep when you see him driving around town...trust us.

Seth - Accounting & Customer Service

A former collegiate basketball player and graduate of Wittenburg University, Seth joined the Easton Water Solutions team in 2015. If you visit our offices, Seth is likely the first person you will encounter and he can answer most any question you may have about billing. Although he hated working as a quality inspector for an automobile ball bearing manufacturer, he came to love the ball bearings in his '98 BMW 528i. Seth is well read, likes to cook, maintains a regular workout regimen, and pretends to be good at golf, tennis, and of course, basketball.

Bryan - Service Technician

After spending a bit of his teen years working there, to this day, "B-Rye" remains haunted by the smell of McDonald's food. A longtime friend of Wes Easton, Bryan has been a part of Easton Water Solutions from the very beginning in 2006. When we state that, "We work on all makes and models" what we really mean is that Bryan works on all makes and models. He is father of three girls, has a cat and a dog, and is a member in good standing of the Pinto Car Club of America and the Flat Earth Society.

Kyle - Marketing Manager

Overcoming the gravity of corporate life in the Big City, Kyle joined Easton Water Solutions in 2015. Although a well known creative genius, he is also your go-to problem solver. He insists that living near water is the key to happiness, and after living in Chicago and Milwaukee, now resides on an island at Indian Lake. Although Kyle once loved his 944 Turbo, he hasn't driven anything but Jeeps since 1996. He's a pizza connoisseur, consumer of Nordic Noir, owns a rock tumbler, and likes to kayak, bicycle and take long walks on the beach.